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Gigs in Scotland

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Event Info


At DF Concerts we aim to create events that are truly accessible, equal, diverse, and inclusive for all!  DF Concerts has a dedicated Access Team working all year round who engage with each department to constantly improve the experience for accessible customers. We welcome and encourage feedback from our attendees on our accessible facilities.



Every venue from club level, Arena, Stadium and Greenfield site is different, so you will need to refer to the venue for their specific Disabled Access details. This can be found by contacting the venue or by searching for the venue on

If you are attending one of our Stadium shows or our outdoor shows (e.g. shows at Bellahouston Park, Glasgow Green, Royal Highland Centre) please refer to the artist/band page for detailed accessibility information. To find this page, just search for the artist or band’s name on by clicking on the looking glass icon in the top right corner.

If you are attending any of our festivals (e.g. TRNSMT Festival, Connect Music Festival) please refer to the festival website for detailed information on accessibility and how to purchase your tickets.





We have a free PA/Companion policy. Anyone who requires assistance from a PA/Companion to attend one of our events will be provided with a complimentary PA/Companion ticket to enable them to attend.

To get approved for this, you will be required to provide a form or supporting documentation of disability to confirm your eligibility.

The process for how to get a PA/Companion ticket is different depending on the venue. For information on the application process for specific shows please refer to the heading “Venue Accessibility”.

If you have any questions regarding PA/Companion tickets for any of the shows listed on Gigs in Scotland and are unsure who to contact, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Access Team on

For a venue gig (e.g., SWG3, The Hydro, O2 Academy, Barrowland, Usher Hall, etc.) please contact the venue directly and they will be able to advise regarding PA/Companion processes for their specific venues.

For a gig at King Tut's please request your PA/Companion ticket via the contact us form available HERE.


By requesting a free PA/Companion ticket, your PA/Companion accepts responsibility for providing you with the support you need to attend the event. The staff at the event will provide no assistance in excess of their typical role so it's important that if you need help in any way, your PA/Companion is ready and willing to support you with this.



We understand that young carers are a much valued and needed source of support, but we are only able to accept them under the free PA/Companion ticket scheme where there is no risk of them being left unattended.

If your need for a PA/Companion is something related to a potential deterioration in your condition, then a PA ticket will not be authorised for anyone under the unsupervised age limit of the concert and/or venue.

If you attend the Venue with a PA/Companion under the age of 16, or if there is any doubt as to their age, then we reserve the right to refuse admission. This policy does not apply where there are other adults in the party able to accept responsibility for the young carer.